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polkadot-poptart asked:

Master ball, Nest Ball, Moon Ball, Lure Ball, Dream Ball, annnnd Cherish Ball ;u; whoops bidoof

Master Ball: It would absolutely be Ralts and this is why…

-that little guy just leaped out of nowhere on top of Alakazam’s head like it was no big deal with a grin on its face, I want that in a pokemon companion, random hilarious fun.

Nest Ball: My perfect home would honestly be anywhere in which I felt comfortable and safe with people that I love and vice versa.

Moon Ball:  The perfect evening would have to be one where I am laying down on the grass either right before or right after a thunderstorm in the mountains looking up at the night time sky and able to see the milky way galaxy on a cool summer night. Looking up at the stars and forgetting the Earth exists.

Lure Ball: Hard to say to be honest, not one to usually think of such things but if I had to choose a cute way in going about it is with something like cheesy pick up lines similar to the ones “dat ash” memes, honestly anything that can make me laugh because making someone smile is highly attractive.

Dream Ball: Another hard question indeed, I mean my main large dream is to go through life successful and actually make an impact in the world in some way wether on a small scale or a large one and on top of that for someone to be with me by my side, someone to love and love me back both as equals (which I have found).

Cherish Ball:

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